Main Program

Training motivasi karyawan, Outbound, Happiness training, Leadership, Service of Excellent, tour program, good governance training dan Event Management consultant

Product LIST

A. Main Training product

1. Executive Coaching
a. Morning Breaking for HOPE
b. Refresh Management for Top Leader
c. Better Future Forecasting for Top Management With HOPE
d. customer Service Program
e. Good Governance Program

2. HOPE for Enhancing Company Performance
a. HOPE for Happy and Healthy Worker
b. HOPE for Happy and Healthy Leader
c. HOPE for Happy and Healty Corporate Culture
d. HOPE for Pension Preparation

B. HOPE Outbound Programs

1. Happiness Outdoor Activity
2. Tour With Achievement Programs
3. Corporate Refreshment Programs
4. The WINNING TEAM Outbound
5. Break Your Limit Outbound Programs
6. Powerful Breakthrough Culture Transformation
7. Corporate Family Happiness Gathering
8. Corporate Meeting Blending With Outbound

C. Event Management

1. Corporate Gathering
2. Corporate Social Responsibility
3. Product Launching
4. Marketing Communication

5. MICE (Meeting. Incentive. Convention. Exhibition)

D. INSPIERA Associate Programs

1. Happiness Success Therapy
a. Great Secret of Good Feeling
b. Man Power for Success at Work
c. Hypno-success Session
d. Work Hard with Working Heart

3. Achievement Motivation Programs

a. Keep Your Spirit ALIVE!
b. Break Your Limit
c. Law of Attraction
d. Time To Change
e. Create Your Own Magic
f. Develop Unlimited Power

4. Integrated NLP Programs

a. Live With NLP
b. Therapy With NLP
c. NLP for Trainer
d. Applied NLP in Business
e. Reinforcement Linguistic Psychological Power


About inspiera

Training Consultant, Event Management, Coaching , Theraphist
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